Last Post On Blogger... "Bathtub Fun!"

03 March, 2012
I have HAD LOTS OF TIME (which is rare!), because of bulging discs that kept me in bed all week.  I am in the process of recreating my website, and I am now going to be blogging directly on my website at  So, for future posts, go there!

But for my last post here, I wanted to share some fun pics of my little Jaxy in the bath.  We were stacking up all the bottles and I love the way he was peeking out from behind them.  These are really my favorite kind of pictures... taking something we already have fun doing and just making them look a little more interesting.

Future Blog Posts...

29 February, 2012
So, over the past few months I have had ABSOLUTELY no time to do anything associated with photography, Facebook, e-mail, websites, etc.... until I injured my back and have been stuck in bed for three days.  And since Apple decided to discontinue all the the software I used for creating my website, sharing pics, syncing calendars, and so on, I have had to restructure all of my processes. From now on, I am going to be using a blog that is directly linked with my website.  At least something good came out of this herniated disc!  Please visit to view my website and blog all at the same place!  Later Gators!


11 January, 2012
Okay all you Pinterest junkies.....  I totally get it.  I am always trying to find ideas online.  BUT, I think that the thing in photography, and just daily life, that has helped and hurt me the most is the world wide web.  I have been browsing other photographer's blogs and websites since I started, and I have found great inspiration.  It has pushed me to get better, and I appreciate that.  But, after a while, I feel myself forgetting what I REALLY love about photography... what MY style is... what my priorities are.  I feel like it is really possible to get lazy by relying on everyone else to show us how to live and work BETTER, and it's easy to start comparing yourself to everyone's beautiful life and business.  I know that what I LOVE is capturing people doing what they already love to do... what is special to them, and just making them look better doing it in pictures.   If you contact me in 2012 to take pics, I will be making a bigger effort to get to know you, your interests, your style... etc... before the session, so that it is very custom and unique to you specifically.


Whether you are a mom taking pictures of your own kids, an amateur photographer, or whatever the case might be, really take some time to think about what moves you, what you enjoy, and what you would REALLY LOVE to be good at.

Do you LOVE babies squished up in baskets with colorful backdrops?  If so, challenge yourself to do it differently than the photographer down the street who is using the same hat with ears and wooden floor/ damask backdrop as everyone else.

Or, do you simply love watching your kids play in the backyard?  If so, just make sure they are dressed cute, snap pictures of them at different angles (get above them, below them, shoot from far and extremely close), and do it at a time if day when the sun is not hitting them right in the face.

Or, get your husband (or me) to snap pics of you painting your daughter's fingernails, then jazz them up in photoshop so they are a little more fun.   The possibilities for the memories you can create in a DIFFERENT way are endless!

This was the front of our Christmas card this year.  Loved playing on the fact that they love to play house!   This just makes me smile every time I see it, and it took about 5 minutes!

These were taken when Chann got the croup for the first time EVER the very FIRST week of school.  She was feeling better and snapping green beans.  I loved the way she looked in the hat, and had fun playing with the 70's style feel of the pics.  I'll always remember that week at home alone with her, and this shines a new light on it!  

Camera Tip: Why Are my Pictures BLURRY?

09 January, 2012
Well first of all, if you are using your phone camera, that's a pretty good reason...  although there are some that can take great pictures.  But, the biggest culprits are 1.) "camera shake", 2.) lens, and especially the length of the lens and 3.) low light.  These three things pretty much go hand and hand.  It seems pretty obvious that you should keep the camera still when taking pictures, but when you are chasing children, trying to get a smile, etc... it can be challenging.  Many times I have the perfect shot, but because I was doing something goofy to get a smile, the camera was too unsteady and the picture blurred.  The second picture I  attached is an example of this.  The longer the lens, the more challenging this becomes, because it is even harder to keep all that equipment steady.  Then add the factor of low light into the picture (a dimly lit church for your child's Christmas program, a poorly lit living room, etc...) and keeping the camera still becomes even more vital, because you are having to use a slower shutter speed to let in more light.

Another factor is focus, and if you are using a prime lens such as a 50mm lens, you are in one way at a huge advantage because this is an awesome lens for portraits, is usually very sharp, is relatively short, and works well with low light.  However, if you do not learn how to focus correctly, you will have a finger or hair bow sharp and in focus, while the eyes are blurry and out of focus.  When most people look at a picture, the eyes are the first thing they see.  I have become extremely particular about this.  

All of this being said.... here are my tips for avoiding blur:
1.) Make a conscious effort to hold your camera steady.
2.) Consider investing in a good lowlight lens that is not too heavy or long, such as a 35mm or 50mm (and learn and practice focusing properly, always trying to focus on the subject's eyes).
3.) In low light situations use a flash so that you can use faster shutter speeds (using slower shutter speeds and higher ISO setting let in more light if you are not able to use a flash, or do not own a speedlight flash).  I have talked about some of these points in previous "tip" posts.

In the first picture, although I did some extra skin smoothing and eye sharpening, I had a good, sharp picture to work with.  The body and background are somewhat blurry, and the face is very crisp, which is exactly what I wanted.  I did not even present the 2nd picture because although the baby is smiling, unfortunately the face, and especially eyes, are too blurry, and this is not the type of quality image I want to offer my clients.  Look at the buttons on the dress, slightly blurry in the first picture, and sharp in the 2nd.  My focus was off, and I also probably moved too much when I took the picture.  I always have plenty of good shots to make up for a few bad, and although editing can do wonders, it typically can't make a low quality, blurry picture great, no matter how much you sharpen in editing software.

M and G.... 2 of my favorite girls!!

30 December, 2011


27 December, 2011
I have been turning clients down over the past couple of months.  I made the decision to enjoy my family during the busy holiday season, especially since it was our first Christmas as a complete family.  That is so exciting for me!  And it was wonderful!  With having my 3rd baby, moving, knowing another move is coming (house only, not area), I have also been lacking the time, inspiration and motivation that I feel I need to be the best I can be at photography.  I am hoping once we are actually settled in and everything is a little more "put together", that inspiration will come back to me.  But there is one area in my life where inspiration is not lacking, and that is finding beauty in my children.  I found this soft, perfect little outfit for my Maddy at the Gap, and I think he looks absolutely adorable.  I LOVE his smile and twinkly eyes!

San Antonio Sessions

05 December, 2011
In October I made a trip back to San Antonio to work with some of my favorite previous clients.  It was the most sessions I had ever done in one weekend, and I was lucky to have Paxton stay home with the kids so I could make the trip alone and stay focused.  It was busy to say the least, but it was so great to see everyone!  Here are some of my favorites: